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3 Feb 2021
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Downtown Pensacola Guide

Florida is the ultimate domestic vacation destination for people wanting to stay in the continental U.S., and Pensacola Beach is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to visit Florida’s Gulf Coast. When you start planning your trip to Pensacola Beach, you simply cannot go wrong with booking your stay at Portofino Island. It’s a beautiful resort that offers locals adventures, an on-site spa, multiple restaurants, and more, on top of being a place for you to call home during your vacation to Pensacola Beach. You can choose which side of Santa Rosa Island you want to stay on: either the Gulf of Mexico side or the Santa Rosa Sound side. But Pensacola Beach isn’t just about adventure and laying on the beach. In this coastal region, you’ll find that art, culture, and history aren’t too far away. This is your guide to Pensacola’s museums in hopes that you can explore them all!

National Naval Aviation Museum

The National Naval Aviation Museum is easily the most popular Pensacola museum. Learn about the history of flight and airplanes in the military in this history museum that focuses on U.S. history. This is an amazing place to take kids who are interested in anything about the air! You can even experience a flight simulator during your visit, so you can take to the air yourself and make this a vacation to remember.

Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

If you’re interested in the maritime history of the Pensacola area, you have to check out the Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum. Here, you can climb the steps of the lighthouse and gain historic views of the Gulf Coast. Learn about the history of the lighthouse and the general history of the area during your multi-hour tour.

Pensacola MESS Hall

Do your kids like to get their hands dirty? The Pensacola MESS Hall, a science center, is a favorite Pensacola museum of visitors and locals alike. Here, your kids can take a hands-on approach to learning about math, science, engineering, natural history, and more. This educational museum makes science easy to learn and interesting to play around with, and both kids and parents love the programs here!

Pensacola Children's Museum

The Pensacola Children's Museum is a historical museum geared for kids with over 450 years Pensacola history to explore. This museum was designed to have interactive, imaginative, and educational play for all ages in the setting of a historical museum with 2 floors of hands-on learning.


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