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15 Mar 2024
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Pensacola Area Guide

Pensacola, Florida, has a lot of interesting and historic landmarks, making it a treat for those who love military history. There is much to appreciate and enjoy with all of the military landmarks in and around Pensacola. You should find a vacation rental in the area to save time seeing all of it. Premier Island Management Group has some of the best vacation rentals in the Pensacola area, near important landmarks, museums, restaurants, and other outstanding Florida attractions. Continue reading to learn more about Pensacola’s military historic landmarks.

Fort Barrancas

Fort Barrancas might be one of the oldest sights to visit when you are here. It was built between 1839 and 1844. Its history stretches even deeper back to when the Spanish controlled the area, where it was originally built on the ruins of Fort San Carlos de Barrancas in 1798. Fort Barrancas was decommissioned after World War II and opened publicly in 1980. Having been an important military establishment for most of the United States’ war, there is much to learn about its special history. 

USS Massachusetts Wreck

Those who are more adventurous will enjoy diving to see the shipwreck of the USS Massachusetts. The USS Massachusetts has an unfortunate reputation as one of the “worst battleships ever made.” The US Congress commissioned it in 1890, and it was later retired twice and rebooted. It was later used for target practice off the coast of Pensacola, where it eventually sank and was never recovered.

Wall South

Wall South is similar to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. It’s a Vietnam War memorial in Pensacola, which was completed in 1992. The idea for the memorial came about in the late 1980s when a temporary Vietnam memorial installation was set up in Pensacola as it moved to different cities in the United States. The memorial impacted and spurred conversations to build a permanent memorial in Pensacola.

Learn About Pensaola’s Important History

If you aren’t familiar with the area’s historic military landmarks, there is plenty to appreciate and learn about. By booking directly with Premier Island Management Group, you can easily see all the amazing attractions and food in the area. We offer vacation homes along Pensacola Beach, with ample privacy and space for you, your family, or your group. Our private Pensacola Beach homes feature private pools, gulf front views, complimentary wireless internet, and more.